7 Best Western Necklaces to Style Up Your Outfit

Western necklaces are a popular and stylish accessory that can add a touch of cowboy or cowgirl flair to any outfit. A Western necklace is a great option whether you like the traditional Western aesthetic or are searching for a distinctive piece to add to your jewellery collection.

In this blog, we will explore the history of Western necklaces, the different styles available, and how to choose the perfect one for you along with the 7 best Western necklace recommendations.

The History of Western Necklaces

Western necklaces have a rich history that dates back to the days of the Wild West. Cowboys and cowgirls would often wear necklaces made from natural materials such as leather, bone, and turquoise. These necklaces were not only practical but also served as a form of personal expression and individual style.

As Western fashion evolved, so did Western necklaces. Today, Western necklaces come in a variety of styles and materials, from classic leather and turquoise designs to more modern and contemporary styles that incorporate precious metals and gemstones.

Styles of Western Necklaces

There are several different styles of Western necklaces to choose from, each with its own unique charm and character. Here are some of the most popular styles:

  1. Leather Necklaces: Leather is a classic material for Western necklaces and for good reason. Leather is durable, comfortable, and has a rugged, earthy feel that is perfect for Western style. Leather necklaces can be simple and understated or elaborate and ornate, depending on your personal taste.
  2. Turquoise Necklaces: Turquoise is a gemstone that is closely associated with Western fashion. It has a beautiful blue-green colour that is reminiscent of the desert landscapes of the American West. Turquoise necklaces can be simple and classic or ornate and intricate, with the stone often set in silver.
  3. Silver Necklaces: Silver is a popular metal for Western jewellery because of its natural beauty and durability. Silver necklaces can be simple and understated or elaborate and ornate, with intricate filigree or engraved designs.
  4. Gemstone Necklaces: Gemstone necklaces are a great way to add a pop of colour to your Western outfit. Popular gemstones for Western necklaces include agate, jasper, and amethyst.

Choosing the Perfect Western Necklace

When it comes to choosing the perfect Western necklace, there are a few things to consider. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Consider your personal style: Think about your personal style and the type of Western necklace that would best suit you. Are you looking for something simple and understated, or something more elaborate and ornate?

Consider the occasion: Think about where you will be wearing your Western necklace. Is it for everyday wear, or for a special occasion such as a rodeo or Western-themed party?

Choose the right materials: Consider the materials used to make the necklace. Do you prefer leather, silver, or gemstones? Choose a material that you feel comfortable wearing and that suits your personal style.

Choose the right length: Western necklaces come in a variety of lengths, from chokers to long, dangling styles. Choose a length that flatters your neckline and complements your outfit.

Our Top Picks

Turquoise Western Necklace

Crafted with sky-blue turquoise stones, this stunning piece is versatile enough to be worn during both day and evening occasions. Cut from a traditional Western style, the centrepiece of the necklace hangs elegantly off the neckline. The elegant dangle charm consists of two interlocked pieces with an eye-catching turquoise stone at the heart. The sparkly cushion cut stone catches light beautifully and adds a certain extra something to your look.

Chunky Turquoise Howlite- Cross Pendant

The unique cross pendant in the centre measures 2 1/4 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches tall, offering a substantial centrepiece to any ensemble. The adjustable necklace length of 20 inches means it is perfect for anyone and everyone. Style-wise, it is a great combination of boho and hippie, making it so you can go full-on prairie chic or just add a subtle touch of sparkle wherever you go. With its lobster claw closure, you know you will not have to worry about fiddly clasps when taking off your necklace.

Pink Leather Toggle Necklace in Sterling Silver

Hanging 17 inches long, the braided pink leather necklace is the perfect foundation for the delicate details that make it stand out among the rest. Lightly ribbed silver circles join glossy polished silver endcaps, separated by a strong toggle clasp that comes in recycled sterling silver – an eco-friendly touch of sophistication you will not find anywhere else. From Southwestern charm to modern chic, this gorgeous piece of jewellery adds versatility to any style.

Kelly Triple Strand American Indian Nickel Necklace

This mesmerizing necklace is crafted with triple-plated 24K gold, featuring genuine turquoise and authentic buffalo nickel. It is an absolutely stunning piece that captures the spirit of the American West and is sure to add a hint of elegance and style to any outfit. From its rustic charm to its shimmering touches of turquoise, this remarkable neckpiece makes an exquisite statement all its own.

4K Yellow Gold Sapphire Necklace

Crafted with a shimmering 4K yellow gold, this elegant necklace is perfect for celebrating special occasions or simply adding a touch of sparkle to any everyday look. With 0.30ct blue sapphires and a secure clasp fastening, you will be sure to turn heads in the finest fashion. And what’s more, it is made right here in the USA, so you can have peace of mind when wearing it.

Sterling Silver Braided Leather Toggle Necklace

Perfect for showing off your Western flair, this necklace features sterling silver endcaps and a toggle bar closure in a unique rope-textured design. Genuine braided leather gives the necklaces their Southwestern finish. Available in black, brown, and blue tones, you can find the best hue to match your wardrobe. With an approximate length of 18 and 0.25 width, it is sure to accentuate any outfit.

Dainty Annie Concho Necklace

Bring a little bit of the wild west to your look with this unique, 24K gold-plated necklace. The intricate detail of conchos dangling on two chains gives off a subtle but powerful vibe and makes this necklace perfect for any occasion. With its 16-inch chain and 3-inch extender, the Dainty Annie Concho Necklace was made to both flatter your figure and empower your femininity.

Choosing the Best Western necklace to suit your individual style and taste can be a fun experience. Whether you want to add an elegant touch to an evening dress with pearl necklaces, bring out your wild side with Cross necklaces in various metals, bring extra shine with a statement pendant necklace or choose more subtle pieces like stone dangle earrings and heart-shaped lockets, there is something for every occasion. With the abundance of jewellery options in the market today, it is easier than ever to find unique pieces that express your personal fashion statement. Plus, accessorizing does not need to break the bank: picking out beautiful and inexpensive necklaces from thrift stores or online shops can be quite cost-effective. So why not go ahead and create magical looks of your own by experimenting with different looks? Have fun exploring!

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