Create Lasting Memories With These 7 Stunning Bestfriend Necklaces

Best friend necklaces are a fun and meaningful way to celebrate your friendship with your closest companion. Whether you are looking for a simple and elegant design or something more playful and whimsical, there is sure to be a best friend necklace that perfectly reflects the unique bond you share.

I love the idea of wearing a piece of jewellery that represents the special connection between me and my bestie. Whether you have been besties since childhood or you recently met and just clicked, a best friend necklace is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate your friendship.

When it comes to best friend necklaces, the options are endless. From simple and elegant designs to playful and whimsical ones, there is sure to be a necklace that perfectly reflects your unique bond with your bestie. Maybe you are into minimalist jewellery and want something sleek and understated, or perhaps you want to go all out with a statement piece that showcases your personality.

But with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where this blog guide comes in. I will walk you through the different types of best friend necklaces available and share some tips for selecting the perfect one. So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and let’s dive in.

Types of Best Friend Necklaces

First off, let’s talk about the classic best friend necklaces – you know the ones I am talking about. They come in a set of two (sometimes three), with each necklace featuring half of a charm or pendant that, when put together, creates a whole. It is a simple yet sweet way to show that you and your bestie complete each other.

But if you are looking for something a little more unique, there are plenty of other options out there. You could go for a necklace that features your initials or a special symbol that represents your friendship, like a heart or infinity symbol. Or, if you are feeling playful, you could opt for a necklace that features a fun phrase or inside joke that only you and your bestie understand.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Best Friend Necklace

  1. Consider your personal style

When selecting a best friend necklace, it is important to choose one that matches your personal style. If you prefer simple and classic designs, a split heart necklace or initial necklace may be the best choice. If you prefer something more playful and whimsical, a puzzle piece necklace or friendship bracelet may be more of your style.

  1. Consider your friend’s style

It is also important to consider your best friend’s personal style when selecting a necklace. If your friend prefers bold and colourful designs, a puzzle piece necklace or friendship bracelet may be a good choice. If your friend prefers more understated jewellery, a split heart necklace or initial necklace may be a better option.

  1. Choose a meaningful phrase or symbol

The best friend necklace you choose should have a special meaning for you and your friend. Consider choosing a necklace that features a meaningful phrase or symbol that represents your friendship, such as “besties” or a heart symbol.

  1. Consider the quality of the necklace

When selecting a best friend necklace, it is important to consider the quality of the necklace. Look for necklaces made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. Gold and silver are popular choices for best friend necklaces, as they are durable and timeless.

Our Top Recommendations

From matching pendants that make a heart when put together to personalized necklaces with initials or birthstones, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Our top picks for the best friendship necklaces are those that are stylish, timeless, and versatile enough to be worn with any outfit. Whether you opt for a gold, silver, or rose gold finish, just be sure to choose a necklace that speaks to both your and your best friend’s unique personalities.

Best Friend Necklaces Set of 2 in Sterling Silver

Crafted from elevated materials, this set includes two necklaces so you can share a meaningful symbol of your friendship. Perfect for everyday wear, the pendant features a modern design with elegant script reading “bestfriend”, engraved in silver over a heart-shaped background. Not to be limited only to friends, these necklaces also make an ideal gift for sisters or loved ones and would make a heartfelt addition to any jewellery collection.

My Best Friend Pendant Necklace

This Best Friend Necklace is the perfect sentimental gift for your mom who’s been there for you through everything. Show her just how much she means to you with this stunning and meaningful 14K gold plated sterling silver or sterling silver pendant, engraved with the words ‘Mom, my best friend, my everything.’ The necklace measures 16″ with a 2″ extender and a 0.6″ pendant¬† so it’s sure to fit everyone perfectly.

Best of all, it’s Lead & Nickel free so you can feel good about giving it to your mother. Plus the lobster clasp fastening makes sure it will stay in place while she wears it proudly. With two colour options gold and silver you are sure to find one that will go with everything in your mom’s wardrobe.

best friend heart silver necklace set

Fashioned to look like two halves of a heart, these necklaces are the perfect way for you and your BFF to show off how much you mean to one another. The torn and shared design ensures your connection always stands out from the crowd wherever you go, people will be in awe of your powerful friendship. Crafted with stunning silver chain necklaces, this stunning set is not only stylish but also highly durable, ensuring lasting memories even longer than your bond itself.

Best Friend Necklace

Crafted out of 100% high-grade stainless steel, it not only looks beautiful but also ensures that such sensitive skin will not have any kind of allergic reaction. Plus, it feels comfortable against the skin and gives you a sense of satisfaction. The creativity does not end there with “My Best Friend” written on the central charm pendant, this piece has its own story to tell. Give your friend the gift of friendship and get her one today.

Pav Heart Best Friend Necklaces, Set of 2

These sparkling necklaces are the perfect way to keep your friendship close to your heart, whether it’s a romantic BFF connection or between siblings. The set of two pendant necklaces features one heart cut in half – one for each of you. Crafted of gleaming silver- or gold-tone metal and bedecked with pav crystals, they show off a delightful sparkle that you can carry with you wherever you go. With an adjustable 20 chain, these beautiful necklaces make memorable gifts for special friends or sisters in your life. Wear them side-by-side and share extraordinary memories that stand the test of time.

Best Friend Necklace Set

This beautifully crafted piece features 14K solid gold and paves diamond matching heart-shaped necklaces that come in two. It is a simple yet classic necklace that can be worn on its own or layered perfect for giving your everyday look some added sparkle. The 16″-18″ adjustable length ensures the right fit for you, while the 8mm(W) by 15mm(H) per side size and 3-gram weight of both pendants provide comfortable wearability all day long.

Best Friend Necklaces, Pink + Red, Set of 2

This two-piece set features a pair of cute and adjustable necklaces, each one with a half-heart charm one red, one pink that will easily form the phrase Best Friends when put together. Whether you are BFFs since childhood or just met recently, this is an amazing way to celebrate your unbreakable bond. And since these delicately crafted necklaces are made of shiny gold plating and nickel-free materials, they will always stay looking as beautiful as the day you got them. With their 20.25” chain length (adjustable to 18″) and convenient design, these necklaces make for classic accessories for yourself and your bestie every single day.


These 7 best friend necklaces serve as emblematic symbols of a powerful, loving bond. Not only are they an exquisite representation of friendship, but they also give us something tangible that we can take away and remind us of the special connection we have with our friends. No matter which designs you choose, it promises to leave an unforgettable impression in your heart not just for now but for years to come. So why not start making some meaningful memories with these beautiful pieces today?

They’re all gorgeous and special in their own way, and it’s what makes them so perfect as gifts for a meaningful connection between two dear friends. We hope this guide has helped you find the ideal best friend necklace set that best resonates with your relationship. Thank you for reading, and we wish you many wonderful moments and an everlasting friendship journey together now and forever!

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